We Keep Your Business In Business

Many of us live happily in ignorance, believing that our company’s data is well protected,
but not being sure how that protection is implemented.


Our Custom Solution Helps You Sleep At Night

100% Protection From Viruses, Malware and Ransomware!

  • Linux based using Position Independent Executables
  • Full disk encryption
  • Automated backup every x minutes/hours
  • Automated backup integrity check
  • No direct access to backup server
  • Rsync data
  • Customized Backup
  • Cloud upload
  • Encrypted backup to external device(s)
  • Telegram Alerts

Powering backup together

Easy to use and control through a graphical user interface.

Native Encryption

Native VPN Support

API keys

Browser GUI

Easy to use

Two-Factor Authentication

Alert System

Easy to scale